Vortrag bei der Online-Konferenz Degrowth Vienna 2020, 29. 5.- 1. 6. 2020

Abstract: Businesses have so far been largely ignored by research on degrowth, as agents of transformation. We relate this to a "myth" about growth as a necessity for business that's also shared by mainstream debates on degrowth. We then discuss what scarce research there is on businesses and degrowth. We identify two hitherto unrelated strands of research that focus on what business de/growth means either for the economy or for the organization itself -- which we call the "good growth" & the "small is beautiful" paradigm, resp. Both paradigms, however, do face a "growth dilemma" -- a dilemma that is real, as we found out in an explorative study we did -- and a dilemma that can only be overcome through cooperative strategies. We will finally discuss these. Our aim is to show that, from a diverse economies perspective on sustainable degrowth, it is vital not to ignore "conventional businesses" and also the very political role they have to play, with others, in the necessary transformation.
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